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The Life of Vix

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I'm a journalism and editorial design graduate currently having a think about what to do with my life. I hail from south England and currently live in the Midlands with my fiance. We're wedding planning for 2017 so that'll feature a fair bit here. I'm short, chubby and have some health issues so those'll come up a lot too. I love to travel, shop and take photos of everything. I'm also obsessive about news and current affairs so expect comments on those. I'm easily excited, most things interest me, and appreciate the small things in life - one day we'll realise they were the big things. Oh and I'm especially obsessed with snowmen, ducks and hamsters.

I've been on LJ since 2003, using this account from 2006, so I'm pretty much here for life.I read more than I update these days but I'm always open to new friends (and new penpals!), so feel free to drop me a comment.